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Terminó con éxito la Quinta Conferencia EcoMateriales. En los siguientes días publicaremos fotografías, videos y resúmenes del evento.

¡Muchas gracias por su asistencia!



The venue of the conference is the Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo, Av. Antonio José de Sucre, km 1.5 road to Guano

Map here:


Tuesday, October 11th

Arrival of delegates, preregistration in the hotels whenever possible


Wednesday, October 12th


09.00 Registration and checking audios for translation Spanish-English

09.30 Opening of the Conference.

Four Keynote presentations on Low Carbon Cement, Composite Materials in Concrete, Smart Grid Solutions in Energy Delivery, Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households Debate with the Panel

12.00 Stand-up lunch, review of products and poster exhibition

13.30 Three breakout sessions with a total of 12 presentations on related projects and ensuing debates with the panels.

18.30 Welcome cocktail (Museo de la Ciudad, Primera Constituyente st. near Espejo, across Maldonado Park)


Thursday, October 13th


09.30 Four Keynote presentations on Disaster Risk Reduction, Ferrocement Applications,

Recycling Demolition Waste, UN-Habitat Approaches in post-disaster Reconstruction. Debate with the Panel.

12.00 Stand-up lunch, review of products and poster exhibition

13.30 Three breakout sessions with a total of 12 presentations on related projects and ensuing debates with the panels.


Friday, October 14th


09.30 Four Keynote presentations on Dual Education, Controversial Financing Policies, Measur ing Tools for sustainable building practice, GNSH and the New Urban Agenda. Debate with the Panel

12.00 Stand-up lunch, review of products and poster exhibition

13.30 Three breakout sessions with a total of 12 presentations on related projects and ensuing debates with the panels.

18.30 Farewell cocktail (Casa de la Provincia, Primera Constituyente st. corner with Carabobo)



Hay cupo para 100 estudiantes en la Quinta Conferencia Internacional EcoMateriales.

Podrán participar en todas las conferencias magistrales y de los eventos colaterales con un costo simbólico de USD 10,oo que se cancelará en el inició del evento. No tendrán un certificado físico, únicamente electrónico.


Los estudiantes deberán INSCRIBIRSE en línea para recibir su acreditación electrónica en el siguiente enlace:


Registro de Estudiante para la Quinta Conferencia EcoMateriales


Si necesita registrarse como ponente o asistente, use los enlaces a continuación:


Four months before the conference the list of keynote speakers is taking shape and we can make a first preliminary announcement, although there might still be changes.

Call for papers are still open!

Fernando MartirenaFernando Martirena (Dr Sc. Eng), Cuba, Team leader on the development of Low Carbon Cement, a joint program between Swiss, Cuban and Indian Universities and Cement companies ( will give an overview of the state of the art in the development of “green cement”.  
Rolf BuschmanRolf Buschmann (Arch, Prof.) Germany, Specialist for energy programs in construction, director of a German Energy Institution and lecturer in Universities around the world. Will give an overview on “smart grid” solutions and applications on small scale.  
Susana Rojas WilliamsSusana Rojas Williams, USA, Director of   International Shelter Initiatives at Habitat for Humanity, shows how to develop replicable financial models to facilitate investments to improve the environment for residential energy efficiency.  The "Residential Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households (REELIH) Program" forges partnerships between a wide range of stakeholders, including homeowners associations, governments, and financial institutions.   
Amy HilleboeAmy Hilleboe, USA,  is the Senior Technical Coordinator for Disaster Risk Reduction for Catholic Relief Services focusing on community-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Amy will present on community-based approaches to environmental and sustainable construction, resilience, and disaster risk reduction.  
Bernardo RhynerBernardo Rhyner (Arch) Suiza, EcoSur project manager experienced builder in Latin America and practising architect in Switzerland, will focus on the need to introduce dual education for builders on all levels.  
Marcelino CastroMarcelino Castro (Eng, Msc) Nicaragua, entrepreneur and business manager with a longstanding background as project manager of social housing projects in several continents, will present his experience on introducing new technologies in construction.  
Soumen Maity (Eng, PhD) India, Senior General Manger at Development Alternatives. He is a Material Scientist by profession and currently leads the Technology Management business at TARA and will present experiences with recycling of demolition waste and other materials.  
Winfried CleverWinfried Clever (Arch) Germany, Manager Latin American and African Desk at DESWOS, a German NGO focusing on social housing. He discusses the difficult line between financing housing for the poorest and the task of recuperation of funds from the perspective of the aid providers.  
Hugo WainshtokHugo Wainshtok (Dr Eng) Cuba, President of the International Ferrocement Society, “the father of ferrocement in Latin America” with decades of practical and theoretical experience and author of books on the subject. He will give an overview of applications and new developments.  
Philippe Garnier, (Arch), France, Head of habitat programme at Craterre, lecturer and researcher, will report on the development of measuring tools to identify sustainable building practice and projects.  
UN-Habitat Headquarters or Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (ROLAC) Representative, TBC, will present on UN-Habitat post-disaster reconstruction approaches and lessons learnt in various post-crisis contexts.  
GNSH,The Global Network for Sustainable Housing reports on its vision, upcoming collaborative projects by and between network partners and implications arising from the New Urban Agenda.  




Call for papers is still open
We have received several abstracts for project presentations on subjects like green cement, fired clay brick production, earth buildings, bamboo, innovative mortgage systems, cooperative housing, dual education, recycling.

As Ecuador was hit by a strong earthquake a few weeks ago, much emphasis is going to be placed on disaster prevention, mitigation and reconstruction, several contributions are being prepared from experiences in recent disasters, specifically Haiti, Philippines and El Salvador.

The Scientific committee still receives abstracts for papers and invites researchers, practitioners and project managers to submit them to


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EcoMateriales 5 International Conference

October 12 - 14 th. Riobamba, Ecuador